Why You Should Install A Basement Egress Window

Accidents and dangers like fire are not always the source of death. There are times when it is being trapped with no easy access to an exit. You can improve your family's opportunity to survive in such a disaster when you have an emergency exit window installed in your basement.

Residential disasters like fire occur almost daily and many people lose their lives. Yet no one ever things of such a disaster occurring at their own home. As a homeowner, your responsibility is to see any possible danger and prepare against them. Installing smoke detectors and having fire extinguishers is a good first step. However if it is your home and you have a basement, you should seriously think of getting an egress window along with an egress window well for a better chance of survival.                                                                                                                               

A window egress functions as a window and an emergency exit route at the same time. Egress windows are designed to be bigger than your usual window size, and the window wells size is based on what the law dictates. Egress windows design is based on the kind of structure it will be built into. Another benefit of installing this window aside from your family's safety is that it becomes the access for firefighters and police to your basement area.

An egress window allows light to come into an otherwise dark basement. When the basement is dark, it is not a room where people would like to go and stay, making it less useful than other rooms. A lighted room is more functional and can be used as another bedroom or living room. Having a large window also means air can enter, providing better ventilation to the home. Having an egress window in the basement also means you should get a Rockwell window well so that you can move up. The egress window is the basis for the size of the egress window well. You may opt to have a ladder installed in the well or have the well terraced so there would be no need for a ladder.

But because of the possible danger egress window wells pose, it must need to be covered. There is a wide variety of covers to choose from so you can get the one most suitable for you. Pick one that can be easily removed and will not be a hindrance when you are trying to escape. You may opt for a railing put up around the well especially if it is located close to a walkway.

When you have your basement egress window and well constructed, ensure compliance with your state laws. Get further information from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/drapes.